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10.11.2013 Последняя запись британских провокаторов Chumbawamba «In Memoriam: Margaret Thatcher»

12.02.2013 BIG SOCIETY! (“Большой свет”) Перевод двух песен из последнего альбома Chumbawamba

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11.05.2011 Из истории Chumbawamba



New York Song

First time in New York, just seventeen
in a motel full of poets, drunks and
queens. I walk the city streets into the
night to see Manhattan in the early
morning light. On the corner of a
street they laugh and talk, the young
men watch me coming, block my walk;
they see me slow right down — they
know I don’t belong. Then all at once
… they all break into song.

Nothing Knocks Me Over

I dreamt the cliffs and ride the waves
And no one comes to save me
My arms are sprawled against the tide
Nothing knocks me over
Nothing knocks me over
Nothing knocks me over
From the fire into the frying pan
I jump because I can

I choose to gamble with my life
Twice the risk, four times the prize
Nothing knocks me over
Nothing knocks me over
Nothing knocks me over

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